Premises Liability

Premises Liability

Sitcoms portray slip and fall injuries as the stuff of slapstick. In real life sustaining serious or even fatal injuries due to dangerous, unmarked conditions at a business or residence can be tragic. Drownings because of unsecured pools, sexual assaults in poorly lit parking garages, and fractures resulting from slipping on wet supermarket floors are sadly not uncommon events that often result from negligence.

Niomi Drake has filed premises liability claims on behalf of clients who have been terribly injured. It is always best to talk with an experienced attorney soon after you’ve seen a physician and understand the depth of your injury.

Featured Case:

Six-figure settlement on behalf of a client who sustained serious eye injury due to improper storage of a chemical. Prior to hiring Niomi Drake, an attorney urged the client to take an inadequate $40,000 settlement. Hiring Niomi was most beneficial to the client.

The dangerous condition that caused the serious injury is quickly repaired by the property owner. Don't hesitate to take a cell phone photo (or ask someone at the scene to take a photo if you are unable) of the condition that caused the injury. And, if you sustain an injury, contact Niomi soon after your injury, as premises liability claims are best investigated soon after the injury occurred.

If you or a family member is injured because of a dangerous condition due to an umarked hazard in a store, at a residence – nearly anywhere – contact Niomi Drake. The consultation is free, and confidential.