Maritime Injury

Maritime and Jones Act Cases

Attorney Niomi Drake represents maritime workers who have sustained serious injuries, and families of maritime workers who lost their lives as a result of negligence.

Maritime injuries and deaths are caused by a myriad of reasons, including slips and falls, collisions, inhaling pollutants, being struck by swinging or falling objects, winch failures, and sometimes, horrifyingly, being swept off the vessel at sea. It’s estimated that 70% of all maritime accidents are preventable and are due to negligence.  

Working in the maritime industry is dangerous. Niomi Drake understands industry – and maritime law.  

  • 6-figure settlement on behalf of an employee permanently disfigured on a fish-processing barge 
  • 7-figure result on behalf of a maritime worker who lost a leg due to negligence  

Depending on the circumstances and jurisdiction of the incident, your injuries may
fall under the Jones Act, Maritime, State, or Federal laws. In a Jones Act case, Niomi represented a barge worker who slipped off a vessel as a result of an unsafe work environment, sustaining a life-changing injury. 

When injury or death occurs on a ship or vessel, whether docked or at sea, experienced counsel matters. Contact Niomi Drake for a free consultation.