Medical Negligence

Medical Negligence

Niomi Drake is a tireless advocate for victims of medical negligence. She has successfully filed claims against physicians, medical facilities and hospitals for failing to use proper practices regarding patient safety, on behalf of clients suffering serious injury or death. Her area of expertise includes birth injuries, including brachial plexus, missed diagnoses, and other forms of negligence resulting in harm to an infant and/or mother.

Niomi is a fierce advocate for those injured due to Medical Malpractice

  • High six-figure result on behalf of a client who was over-radiated during a medical treatment. 
  • Successfully resolved several clients involving HIE and CP.

Niomi is a skilled litigator, AND a skilled negotiator.
Below are examples of skillful resolution by Niomi and her team.

Birth injury resulting in CP and other serious to the infant:  a pregnant woman arrived at a hospital with bleeding. Instead of admitting her and verifying her symptoms and concerns, they sent the her home and assured her that some bleeding was normal. In reality, her uterus was rupturing, putting both the mother’s and infant’s lives in danger. As a result of the rupture, the infant was born with Cerebal Palsy (CP) and hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) – also known as intrapartum asphyxia (lack of oxygen). Niomi and her legal team leveraged their experience to produce an 8-figure settlement for the client.

Birth injury due to dangerous drug dosage: a pregnant woman whose delivery process was progressing slowly was given 4 times the standard amount of Cytotec – a drug that helps progress labor – which caused hypoxic ischemic injury to the baby. That medical negligence case also resolved for 8-figures. 

Medical Negligence / Birth Injury: a baby was born with shoulder dystocia due to forceful and improper use of forceps before the mother was fully dilated. That medical negligence case resolved in a 7-figure settlement.

If you have suffered serious injury or the death of a family member as the result of physician or hospital negligence, or if your baby develops CP or HIE as a result of negligence during birth, contact medical negligence attorney Niomi Drake. Niomi will welcome your call and listen with compassion.